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Jared Cox Featured in Recent Bar Briefs Article


Photo of Jared A. CoxBGD attorney Jared Cox was recently featured in a May 2018 Bar Briefs Article titled “Faces of Employment Law.”   

Cox touches on several topics in the article, including why he chose to concentrate his practice on employment law, saying, “the employers I represent are a critical part of our community and other communities throughout the Midwest and Southeast. They support not only their employees, but charitable and other important causes wherever they may be located. I view my job as ensuring that they have the right policies in place and are doing the right things so they can continue to excel in the products or services they provide and continue supporting their employees and communities.”

Cox goes on to discuss what he thinks surprises most people about his day to day practice, “as a lawyer who generally represents employers, I think what would surprise most people is that they genuinely care about their employees and want to create a fulfilling work environment. A company is simply a collection of people working together to accomplish the same goals. The employers I work with seek practical and reasonable ways to improve not only their service or product, but also the morale and well-being of their employees.”

Cox closes by discussing the biggest change he has seen in the employment law arena, noting, “it is not so much what has changed, but what has been forgotten. The clients I represent can find themselves subject to a lawsuit simply for making real-time, difficult decisions they felt they needed to make in order for their businesses to function properly. I would like to see a renewed dedication in the law to appreciating the challenges and decisions that employers face every day.”

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