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Jeff McKenzie Highlights 2015 and Predicts the Future of Louisville in 2016


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP chair of the Mergers and Acquisitions Team and co-chair of the Beverage Alcohol Team Jeffrey A. McKenzie was recently featured along with other prominent Louisville business and community leaders in Louisville Business First.

McKenzie and others were asked a series of questions to close out 2015 for the publication’s special issue; the questions included: “What’s one important business lesson you learned in 2015?” and, “How will that help you in the year ahead?” The publication also asked McKenzie to make a bold prediction for 2016.

Following is what he shared with the publication’s readers.

One important business lesson I learned in 2015:

I confirmed my “New York Rule”: The business world here is like a small town, not a huge city. You will see the same people many times throughout your career. Favors and friendliness pay dividends. Anyone that you cut off in traffic, or treat less than politely in a dispute or business transaction, could easily show up again in a later deal. Civility and genuine friendliness always enhances, rather than reduces, the value of the services rendered.

How that lesson will help me in 2016:

As my mother always said, “Be right, but be nice.”

One bold 2016 prediction:

I’ll give you two: Bourbon will be officially deemed the world’s favorite beverage. The Louisville Water Company will add a third service line throughout Metro Louisville to deliver bourbon as a third tap, next to hot and cold water. And the world will realize our biggest secret: that Louisville is the best city in the U.S. and that we are on a massive roll with the opening and impending openings of the new Lincoln Bridge, the convention center, the downtown bourbon district distilleries, the Omni hotel, the Bristol, The 800 Building, the Cityscape Axis project, the Starks Building renovation, new downtown housing and other projects. Our new slogan will be: “We’re Louisville, and we’ve been waiting for you to notice.”

Read the rest of the 2015 lessons learned on the Louisville Business First website here; in addition, all of the bold predictions for next year are available online here.

To learn more about Jeffrey A. McKenzie and his practice, please visit his profile.


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