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Jeremy Gerch Appears as Guest Speaker on Radio Segment about Estate Planning


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP partner Jeremy P. Gerch was recently a guest on “Ag PhD Radio” discussing the topic of estate planning.  Radio hosts Darren Hefty and Brian Hefty engaged in a Q&A segment with Gerch concerning farmers who may be reluctant to take part in estate planning.  Consequently, this reluctance could cause damage to their families in the long term.  Gerch was asked how he convinces unwilling families to begin estate planning now.

“That is the toughest thing to do, but I think one of the things that gets people to really get moving on this is just ensuring that what you are going to do is going to be in the best interest of your kids.  You don’t want to stick your kids with more problems than they would otherwise have,” Gerch said.  “Really putting the concern on them that what they are doing really is in the best interest of their spouse, or their children or their grandchildren.” 

Ag PhD Radio airs every weekday at 3 p.m. EST on Sirius XM Radio Channel 80, Rural Radio: The Agribusiness and Western Lifestyle Channel.


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