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Jessica Whelan Outlines Three Things to Know about Indiana’s Amended Pro Bono Reporting Rule


BGD attorney Jessica Whelan and co-author James J. Bell recently outlined the three things to know about the amended Rule 6.7 of the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct in a column for the Indiana Lawyer.

Rule 6.7, in effect for a mere four months, was recently amended by a Supreme Court order issued April 30, 2015, effective immediately. The amendment provides additional clarity on what is expected of Indiana attorneys with respect to reporting pro bono service.

Whelan and Bell’s “three things to know” include: reportable pro bono hours are a subset of traditional pro bono hours under the Rules of Professional Conduct; “reportable pro bono” hours are legal services to individuals of limited means; and “getting stiffed” on a bill is still not pro bono.

Read “Bell/Whelan: 3 things to know about amended pro bono reporting rule” on the Indiana Lawyer website.

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