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John Ames Discusses Veteran's Affairs Task Force in ABI Podcast


Photo of John W. AmesIn an ABI podcast on June 8th, BGD attorney and former active duty United States Marine and Vietnam Veteran John Ames talked with American Bankruptcy Institute President Ted Gavin and Executive Director Sam Gerdano. Their discussion centered on ABI’s new Veteran’s Affairs Task Force, which Gavin announced at the 2018 ABI Annual Spring Meeting, and what this new organization wants to accomplish.

One of the main goals of the Task Force is to broaden credit awareness issues of veterans and active duty military via the CARE program. John Ames spearheaded this issue, which ensures that our troops have a much more stable financial life while serving and allows them to have a much easier transition into civilian life.

In the podcast, John spoke about his excitement to begin helping our service members very soon, saying, “this isn’t something that will take 15 years, with the CARE apparatus we already have, we ought to be able to kick it into high gear fairly soon.”

John’s work certainly has not gone unnoticed by President Ted Gavin. In the podcast, Gavin expressed his gratitude for Ames’ efforts, “a lot of the detail in building out what the brief of this task force would be comes down to John Ames, John Penn and Jack Williams. I asked them to lead this because of their talent at getting things done, but also their enthusiasm for this issue.”

To hear the full podcast, click here.


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