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Louisville Mayor Appoints LMAPCD Executive Director; Releases Reports Regarding LMAPCD Monitoring Program Deficiencies


By Bradley E. Dillon, Attorney, Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP

On Jan. 17, 2013, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer announced that Keith Talley is being appointed as the new Executive Director of the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District (LMAPCD). Mr. Talley has been the Interim Executive Director since November, following Lauren Anderson’s resignation effective Oct. 31, 2013. Mr. Talley was Deputy Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions prior to his appointment at the LMAPCD.

In conjunction with the appointment of Mr. Talley, the Mayor’s office released two separate studies that had been completed to address the air quality monitoring deficiencies previously identified by the Kentucky Division for Air Quality (KDAQ) and EPA, and a separate report analyzing the structure and functioning of the agency. The report by Smith Management Group (SMG) on the agency’s structure recommended that a new position be created with the title of Deputy Director, to be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the agency. SMG recommended that the person in this role have a strong environmental background and authority within the agency to assure that organizational goals are being met.

The review of the ambient air monitoring operations prepared by Inquest Environmental, Inc., addressed the findings of the KDAQ and EPA and provided further recommendations on equipment needs and structure deficiencies. The Inquest report found that the LMAPCD air monitoring, “…culture is generally weak, as there appears to be little internal alignment with organizational values, and the work process typically operates through extensive procedures and bureaucracy.”  The Inquest report supported the recommendations from SMG on organizational restructuring.

To view a complete PDF of the Fourth Quarter 2013 Air Quality Letter, click HERE.

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