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Louisville’s Highly Contested Minimum Wage Bill Spurs Lawsuit


In case you missed it, the Kentucky Restaurant Association, Kentucky Retail Federation, and Louisville-based company Packaging Unlimited have filed a lawsuit that seeks to prevent Louisville from hiking its minimum wage.

BGD partner Brent R. Baughman represents the three plaintiffs, who filed suit on Feb. 13. He told Louisville Business First that the lawsuit seeks to answer whether Louisville Metro Government has the authority to increase the minimum wage, and argues that the city's ordinance conflicts with state law, making it illegal.

Louisville Metro Council voted in December to raise the city's minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $9 an hour. The minimum wage would increase steadily during the next two years, with the first incremental increase from $7.25 to $7.75 an hour set to take effect July 1.

In the ongoing effort to prevent that increase from taking place, earlier this week Baughman filed a motion to obtain a judicial declaration that the minimum wage ordinance is unlawful, and a corresponding injunction to bar its implementation.

Baughman has previously discussed the proposed minimum wage increase in Louisville Business First, the Winter 2015 BGD Magazine and in the blog post, "Metro Louisville Minimum Wage Increase – Can the Metro Council Really Do That?".

Read “Lawsuit challenges Louisville's minimum wage bill” on the Louisville Business First website.

To learn more about Brent R. Baughman and his practice, please visit his profile.

You can download a free digital version of the Winter 2015 BGD Magazine here.


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