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Managing Partner Brian Johnson Discusses Changes in Legal Industry with Business Lexington


The economic downturn hit the legal industry in a disastrous fashion in recent years. To compensate, many law firms are making big changes to their business models in order to increase future growth. Lexington office Managing Partner Brian M. Johnson discussed the changes the firm has made to stay competitive with Business Lexington.

“The demand for legal services has changed dramatically since 2008,” said Johnson. “What the data uniformly shows is that demand for legal services is either stagnant or declining. The pie isn’t getting bigger, so the focus is on how to get a bigger slice of that pie.” 

Earlier this year, BGD restructured to operate with one managing partner that reports directly to a six-member partnership board that replaced a much larger executive committee. According to Johnson, this change allows the firm to move more quickly and flexibly.

As other firms make their own changes, BGD plans to rise above the pack through exemplary service, he said. 

“It is really easy to find a smart lawyer,” Johnson said. “So what makes you, as a law firm, stand out to clients? Good legal ability is presumed. [The clients] want responsiveness. We’re planning to do lots of training on these issues, and it’s really from the ground up.” 

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