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Mark Loyd Discusses the Kentucky Whistleblower Program Put on Hold


Kentucky Bill HB 438 has been rewritten as a Department of Revenue study measure. The bill was designed to create a reward program for individuals that report tax fraud to the IRS. Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP partner Mark A. Loyd provided insight into the new version of HB 438 in the latest issue of State Tax Notes.

As Loyd discussed in a previous article in State Tax Notes, Kentucky Bill HB 438 in its original form would have permitted the Department of Revenue to establish a whistleblower program to reward those who “provide information to the department that results in the collection of taxes, penalties, and interest from any person relating to any tax.”  This version of the bill was abandoned in late March for a version that encourages the DOR to study the issue further. 

Loyd told Tax Analysts that the shift in legislation was likely the result of concerns lawmakers heard about the proposed program. “I think it is less likely that a whistleblower program will be set up, but we’ll have to wait and see what the study says,” said Loyd. 

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To learn more about Mark A. Loyd and his practice, visit his bio. 

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