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Matt Price Sees Indiana’s Alcohol Regulations as a Balanced Economic Necessity


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP Economic Development practice group chair Matthew Price commented on the continuing fight against Indiana’s alcohol laws in a recent issue of The Indiana Lawyer.

In December 2015, two appellate courts ruled on two separate issues – cold beer sales and the barrier between liquor and beer wholesalers. According to the publication, both courts upheld Indiana’s laws and told the parties to take their battles to the Statehouse rather than the courtroom.

However, it appears that the fight will continue in the courthouse as well as the Legislature the publication says. The U.S. District Court for Southern Indiana is handling three cases attacking the alcohol wholesaler laws, and thus far two bills related to alcohol sales have been filed in the Indiana Senate.

Price sees Indiana’s regulations as keeping a balance of small and large entities in the alcoholic beverage market, not unfairly putting businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

The state wants a mixture of different-sized businesses so the alcohol industry does not become concentrated in the hands of a few large players. This removes the worry of an entity becoming too big to fail, he said. Also, the mix does better at keeping regulators from writing rules that favor one institution at the expense of another.

“There is a method to the madness,” Price said.

To read “Indiana’s alcohol laws withstand court challenges,” please visit the Indiana Lawyer website.

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