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Partner Jim Reed Featured on Indy Star’s ‘My Office’


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP partner Jim Reed recently had the chance to showcase his eye for art when he was interviewed for the Indianapolis Star’s “My Office” feature. “My Office” includes a photo gallery that allows the viewer to get an inside glimpse of a professional’s office. As the firm’s Art Curator, Reed shared interesting and unique pieces of art on display at the firm.

Reed, who concentrates his practice in the legal aspects of relationship transitions, occupies his office with more than just papers, books and legal documents. He shares his office space with personal art pieces, photos, postcards and a special painting of his father. The painting of his father was quite a surprising find for Reed as he came across the piece at a gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. Up for sale, the painting caught Reed’s eye and at a closer look he realized it was his father walking across his family farm in Daleville, Ind. Reed remembered that his mother had once told him someone had painted scenes at their farm and that day he purchased the painting which now hangs in his office.

Take a quick pan around the room and you will notice an eclectic community of art; a sculpture of his youngest daughter made by his oldest daughter, a doodle from a former colleague, and pictures documenting his time in France. In the forefront of the view out of Reed’s 25th floor office, a row of cacti are housed neatly on the window ledge, making for an even more unique view of his office.

Doubling as the firm’s art curator, he doesn’t mind sharing some of his personal collection to distribute across the walls of the firm’s lobby, conference rooms and hallways. More than forty pieces from his personal collection, not counting those in his office, are dispersed throughout the firm giving the walls life and creating an exclusive view for passersby.

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