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Partner Tandy C. Patrick Weighs in on Statewide Equine Survey Results


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP partner Tandy C. Patrick weighs in on the results of an annual statewide equine survey and how Shelby County measures up in a recent news article. The results of the survey of are particular interest to individuals in the horse industry in that the first part of Phase 1 found that the total of all equine-related sales and income for equine operations resulted in about $1.1 billion in 2011. The breakdown of the total was compiled from an estimated $521.1 million in sales of all equines and $491 million in income from services provided. Being the horse capital of the world, Kentucky’s cherished horse industry deems this survey to be an important piece of work that estimates the economic significance of one of Kentucky’s greatest assets.

Soon, county-level results from Phase One will be released and Phase Two of the project will detail the economic impact analysis of Kentucky’s valuable equine industry. The annual study determined that 56 percent of Kentucky’s equine operations are farms or ranches, 30 percent are for personal use, 3 percent are for boarding, training or riding facilities, and breeding operations accounted for 2 percent.

Patrick, who is the president of the American Saddlebred Association, a member of the firm’s Equine Law Team and partner in the firm’s Real Estate Practice Group, is a lifelong horse owner, breeder and exhibitor. She believes that when the county-level results are announced later this year, Shelby County will account for a much higher percentage than the statewide 3 percent for training, boarding and riding facilities. One reason, being close to a major metropolitan area like Louisville allows those residents to board their horses in Shelby County.

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