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Rosmond Dolen Presents at AHIP Institute and Expo


Photo of Rosmond J. DolenRosmond Dolen presented at the America’s Health Insurance Plans (“AHIP”) Institute and Expo in San Diego, California on Thursday, June 21st. The AHIP Institute brings industry experts, executives and innovators in health insurance together to engage in creative, collaborative thinking about healthcare and insurance.

Dolen was joined by John Kaelin, Senior Advisor to Centene Corporation and  Matt Salo, Executive Director of the National Association of Medicaid Directors (“NAMD”). Their session, titled “Trends in State Medicaid Waivers,” was moderated by Rhys Jones, Vice President, Medicaid Advocacy with AHIP, and focused on the emerging waiver trends that are shaping state Medicaid programs and how states are leveraging Section 1115 Medicaid demonstration waivers to test new care delivery and payment approaches. 

Dolen concentrated her discussion on Kentucky’s HEALTH plan, which was the first innovative 1115 waiver to be approved by the Trump administration, conditioning Medicaid participation on work or “community engagement” requirements. Kentucky HEALTH seeks to continue health coverage for existing Kentucky Medicaid beneficiaries while evaluating new policies designed to prepare individuals for self-sufficiency and private market coverage. A lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, however, challenges the legality of Kentucky HEALTH. 

The presentation was also the subject of a recent article, which discussed the trend for states to increasingly seek waivers to modify their Medicaid programs. Dolen’s discussion of the state of Medicaid in Kentucky was mentioned as a point of emphasis in the article and highlighted the uncertainty Kentucky faces in light of the forthcoming determination.

“My fellow panelists were incredibly impressive.  I was honored to be asked to share my perspective on 1115 waivers and provide more information on the Kentucky HEALTH waiver,” Dolen said of the conference, which also featured former President George W. Bush.

America’s Health Insurance Plans is a national association relied on by tens of thousands of industry professionals to provide first-class advocacy, education and information on the changing health care system in the United States. Dolen did an excellent job representing BGD and helping to promote AHIP’s vision to create positive change and innovation across the health care system for consumers.

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