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Status of Pending Changes to State Environmental Regulations



401 KAR 10:001
401 KAR 10:026
401 KAR 10:030
401 KAR 10:031
Proposed amendments resulting from triennial review of water quality standards

Proposed amendments filed Aug. 15, 2012.   

401 KAR 10:001 and 10:026. Amendments effective April 5, 2013.

401 KAR 10:031. Amendments effective May 31, 2013.

401 KAR 10:030.  Deferred to September 2013 ARRS agenda.

401 KAR 5:320 Regulation establishing the wastewater laboratory certification program; standards for the certification of wastewater laboratories and fees for certification and evaluation of wastewater laboratories Proposed regulation filed March 14, 2013.  Public hearing held April 25, 2013. Written public comments accepted through April 30, 2013.  SOC and amended after comments version of proposed regulation filed June 14, 2013.

Notice distributed June 26, 2013 to concerned citizens regarding error in SOC relating to effective date of regulation.  Reviewed by ARRS at July 9, 2013 meeting.  Scheduled to be referred to the Interim Joint Committee on NRE on August 7, 2013.

ARRS: Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee of the General Assembly
LRC: Legislative Research Commission
Joint Committee on NRE:  General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Natural Resources and the Environment


Pending changes to Indiana environmental regulations can be found on IDEM’s “Rules in Progress” website.

To view a complete PDF of the May/June 2013 issue of the Environmental Letter, click HERE.

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