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The Lawyer on Pete the Planner: What qualifies a good personal injury attorney?


Have you ever considered what qualities to look for when searching for the right attorney to handle your personal injury case? BGD partner James Reed gave his advice for finding the “perfect lawyer for you” on The Pete the Planner Radio Show on Sunday, April 6, 2014.

As always, host Peter Dunn had some interesting questions for Reed. He began with questions about how an injured person would find a qualified lawyer for their case. Reed was able to give his perspective of what qualifies an attorney as the “right” attorney for each case.

His advice was helpful to the individual for each particular case mentioned by Dunn. Reed also shed some light on the process of how a lawyer evaluates whether or not to take on a case, and how financial arrangements play out between an attorney and client in personal injury cases.

“I was able to explain this area of the law from a lawyer’s perspective and provide information that would be helpful to the consumer,” said Reed.

Dunn and Reed also discussed legal marketing.  Marketing for lawyers and law firms have different rules than traditional marketing. Ethics plays a big role in legal marketing; it is important that a lawyer or firm does not advertise any false messaging. For some, the different rules can be tricky to handle while trying to attract new clients.

The show was upbeat and fun for both Reed and Dunn. “The show offered helpful information on a topic that can be challenging for many people to understand,” says Reed.

“The Pete the Planner Radio Show” airs Sundays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on 93 WIBC.

To learn more about James Reed and his practice, please visit his profile.


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