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Trivers to serve as Indianapolis Law Librarians’ Association President


BGD Library Manager Howard Trivers has been elected as president by the Indianapolis Law Librarians’ Association. He will serve in this capacity through 2016.

Trivers has been responsible for research technology, the management of knowledge resources and has over twenty five years of experience as a legal librarian.  He specializes in investigative research and has knowledge of both online and print sources.

Some know Trivers as the “dirtmeister” in and out of law firm libraries. He is also known for his leadership positions in local, special and private law library associations.

“I am proud to be serving as the president for the next two years,” said Trivers, “I am looking forward to my leadership responsibilities and working with the secretary, Angela Hopson, to further the needs of  the association.”

Law librarian associations are dedicated to providing an opportunity for networking, exchange of ideas and information, continuing education and professional interaction among colleagues.

Congratulations Howard!

To read the full “On the Move” article from The Indiana Lawyer, please visit their website.

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