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Underground Storage Tank Notifications Must Use New IDEM Form


By Andy Bowman, Partner, Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP

Beginning Feb. 15, 2014, all underground storage tank (UST) notifications must be submitted on new State Form 45223 (R5/1-14). The new form and instructions are available at Notifications submitted on the old form will be discarded and may result in violations.

The new form has been reorganized, is one page longer, and requires additional information to be provided, including:

  • GPS location of UST with an accuracy of 15 meter RMSE at 95 percent confidence level;
  • UST owner’s federal and tax identification numbers;
  • Property owner’s contact and other information;
  • Certification of financial responsibility by property owner, UST owner or UST operator;
  • The UST contractor’s certification of information submitted now includes testing, removal and change-in-service;
  • Certification by property owner, if the owner is different from the UST owner or operator;
  • Disclosure of driver license numbers for property owner, UST owner and UST operator;
  • Product compatibility information; and
  • Change-in-service information, where applicable.

Copies of the applicable deed, land contract, lease agreement, UST purchase agreement, as-builts (unless removed) and in-place closure work plan also must be attached to the submitted form.

To view a complete PDF of the Environmental Letter March 2014 Issue, click HERE.


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