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‘Untying the Knot Yourself:’ BGD attorney discusses pro se litigants in divorce cases


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP attorney Michael Kohlhaas was recently quoted in The Indiana Lawyer discussing his experience with pro se litigants in divorce cases.  More couples today are choosing to forgo attorney representation and instead attempt to represent themselves in their own divorce cases.  Often times, these individuals, who believe they are better off without legal representation, have difficulty navigating the legal process of divorce, which can result in irrevocable mistakes.  

The excerpt below describes how Kohlhaas handles situations with clients who hold this belief.  The full article can be accessed here.  

Excerpt from 'Untying the Knot Yourself'

Kohlhaas encounters such an attitude in his practice.  He has been in situations where he is representing one spouse against the other who has decided not to hire legal counsel.  The pro se litigant may believe he or she can save money by not enlisting an attorney or is smart enough to figure out all that needs to be done.

In that situation, Kohlhaas said he would use email, rather than the phone to communicate with the pro se party so there is a record of the conversation.  Also, he will continually remind the spouse who is going it alone that he is only representing the other spouse and will constantly encourage the do-it-yourself litigant to get an attorney. 

Then, if an agreement is reached, Kohlhaas includes a big, bold block of print above the signature line that, again, states who he is representing and that he has told the unrepresented party many times to retain an attorney. 

Click here to read the full article from The Indiana Lawyer.


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