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Update on Status of Kentucky Division of Water Triennial Review of Water Quality Standards


As reported in the last issue of the Environmental Letter, in February 2013, DOW gave public notice of proposed revised water quality criteria for selenium, which were developed following the initial Triennial Review of water quality standards proposal in the Fall of 2012.  The proposed amendments to the acute and chronic selenium standards, along with the other Triennial Review regulatory amendments, were approved by the Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee (ARRS) of the Kentucky General Assembly at its April 2013 meeting.  The approved standards were then referred to the Interim Joint Committee for Natural Resources and the Environment on May 1.  Because the Interim Joint Committee will not be meeting in May 2013, the Triennial Review Standards will go into effect on May 31, 2013, which is 30 days after the referral.  DOW is expected to send the new state standards to EPA for review and approval this month.  Pursuant to Section 303(c) of the Clean Water Act, EPA is to review and approve or disapprove the standards within 90 days of the state submittal.

To view a complete PDF of the March/April 2013 issue of the Environmental Letter, click HERE.

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