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William Kishman Shares Five Practical Ways to Prepare for the Affordable Care Act with Indiana PHCC


BGD attorney William J. Kishman shared five ways that businesses with independent contractors can prepare for the Affordable Care Act in the latest issue of the Indiana PHCC Newsletter.  

According to Kishman, the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate is quickly approaching, which makes it even more important for businesses to properly classify their workers. A business mistakenly classifying an employee as an independent contractor can have major repercussions, including requiring the business to provide health coverage when it otherwise would not need to do so.

Fortunately, there are steps businesses can take to increase the chances that their contractors remain contractors. These steps include: letting the contractors sweat the details, replacing schedules with deadlines, paying contractors by the job instead of by the hour, consolidating part-time work to utilize the “seasonal worker" exception and protecting proprietary interests with agreements, not strict rules.

By taking these steps, businesses can improve their position on the independent contractor analysis, without significantly diminishing the benefits the contractors provide.

Indiana PHCC is a not for profit trade association that represents the professional plumbing-heating-cooling contractors and affiliated manufacturers and suppliers in the State of Indiana. The mission of the Indiana Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors (IAPHCC) is to advance member success by enhancing professionalism through education and training, and to provide leadership for the industry.

A PDF of the July/August/September 2014 Indiana PHCC Newsletter is available here.

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