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Kenji is a member of the Business Services Department. A Japanese native, Kenji has worked, researched and taught in the areas of International Maritime Law, International business law and arbitration law for 9 years. He is involved in immigration cases for various American and foreign clients, such as manufacturing companies, horse farms, restaurants and construction companies. In immigration, Kenji drafts various documents relating to petitions and applications filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Embassies and Consulates. He also advises clients regarding immigration issues involving business transactions such as mergers, corporate restructuring, expansions, and start-up, as well as taxation, and I-9 procedures. In the corporate arena, Kenji drafts various corporate documents and business agreements. Kenji has been invited occasionally by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce for their annual seminars.

Career Highlights


  • Named to Louisville Magazine “Top Lawyers” List in the area of Immigration & Naturalization Law, 2016


Professional Affiliations

  • American Bar Association
  • Kentucky Bar Association
  • Louisville Bar Association


Contributions & Published Works

Japanese Publications:

  • "'Inherent Vice or Nature of the Subject- Matter Insured' and its Meaning: T.M. Noten B.V. v. Paul Charles Harding," 1991, 101 Kaijiho Kenkyukaishi 27-40
  • "Choice of Law Problems in the Avoidance of Contracts and Claims in Restitution by Reason of Duress in the Course of Industrial Action: The Evia Luck (No. 2)," 1990, 98 Kaijiho Kenkyukaishi 8 29
  • "'Perils of the Seas' and its Meaning in Insurance Cases: The LaPointe," 1990, 95 Kaijiho Kenkyukaishi 29 35
  • "Interpretation of the 'Speed and Consumption Clause' and the 'Bonus Clause': Didymi Corporation v. Atlantic Lines and Navigation Co. Inc.," 1988, 82 Kaijiho Kenkyukaishi 15-22
  • "Report on Recent Condition of Ship Repairing in Singapore," 1995, 812 Kaiun (The Shipping) 76-84
  • "Port of Singapore and the Impact of Changing International Physical Distribution," 1995, 811 Kaiun 56-60
  • "Report on a Recent Condition of Shipping in Korea (3)," 1995, 809 Kaiun 24-34
  • "Report on a Recent Condition of Shipping in Korea (2)," 1995, 808 Kaiun 67-74
  • "Report on a Recent Condition of Shipping in Korea (1)," 1994, 807 Kaiun 10-20

English Publications:

  • Co-Author, Important Aspects of Immigration Law for Kentucky Employers, published by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, 2011
  • "Conciliation or Mediation During the Arbitral Process - Is It Possible? How Should it be Done?" 1995, 30 The Bulletin of the Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc.
  • "Quest for a Rational and Proper Method for the Publication of Arbitral Awards," 1992, 9 Journal of International Arbitration 97-104

Translation into Japanese Books:

  • Co-Translator of Payne and Ivamy's, Carriage of Goods by Sea (12th Ed.), The Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc. 1987
  • "The Ethical Implications of the Arbitral Functions: Standards of Behavior of Arbitrators" George Bernini, in Kakkoku no Chusai Ho, Chuo University Press, 1992
  • Co-Translator of "The Effect of the 1968 Brussels Judgments Convention on Admiralty Actions in Rem" by Trevor C. Hartley, 1992, 106 Kaijiho Kenkyukaishi 1-21
  • "Conflicts Between Bills of Lading and Charterparties," by Diana Faber, 1992, 106 Kaijiho Kenkyukaishi 22 30



  • Lecturer - Maritime Law Group of The Japan Shipping Exchange on American and English maritime cases (almost bimonthly 1988-1994)
  • Lecturer - "Practical Aspects of the Carriage of Goods by Sea," at the Faculty of Law of Chuo University (June 11, 1992)
  • Speaker - LAWASIA '93 Sri Lanka Conference on "Maritime Arbitration in Tokyo"
  • May 1994 - International Congress for Maritime Arbitrators (ICMA) Conference, Hong Kong
  • Commentator for Session entitled "Management of Proceedings and ADR," and Arbitrator in Mock Arbitration September 1993 - LAWASIA Conference, Sri Lanka; Speaker for Session on Maritime Law and Arbitration September 1991 - ICMA Conference, Vancouver. Commentator for Session entitled, "Philosophy of Arbitration"



Chuo University, LL.B., 1986
University of Louisville, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, J.D., 1999

  • Kentucky, 2000
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