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Licensure and Medical Staff Privileges


Effective counseling and legal representation can help medical staff and providers fully examine all of the issues related to medical licensure and staff privileges. Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP assists clients with a wide range of compliance counseling. In the event that medical staff privileges are at issue, our attorneys are well prepared to advise and represent clients regarding their various options. We also counsel clients with respect to suspensions and revocations, peer review issues, reporting matters and disruptive physician issues. 

Our attorneys understand that laws governing peer review and physician credentialing have become increasingly complex, making compliance more difficult. We advise clients on organizational and structural issues related to the challenges physicians and medical staff face in today’s statutory framework. We use our legal expertise and knowledge to help guarantee compliance with state law and accreditation standards. 

Our licensure and medical staff privileges services include:

  • Compliance counseling
  • Representation of either staff or medical providers in cases of suspension or revocation
  • Preparation of medical staff bylaws and governing and credentialing documents

Supported by a wide range of legal services, the attorneys of Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP are equipped to handle even the most complex medical licensure and staff privilege obstacles.

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