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Long Term Care Litigation


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP has extensive experience representing nursing homes, having conducted more than 100 internal investigations for nursing home corporations. We also have effectively represented hospitals, physicians, psychiatrists, dentists, pharmacists, podiatrists, nurses, veterinarians and other health care professionals and their staffs in a wide variety of criminal investigations, grand jury proceedings and trials, and before state administrative agencies and boards that regulate the practice of medicine, nursing, health facility administrators and other health care professionals.

Our attorneys often work closely with in-house counsel and health care lawyers from other law firms to provide a team defense approach in defending health care clients under investigation for or accused of:

  • Neglect, abuse or mistreatment of, or other crimes against, nursing home residents;
  • Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance fraud;
  • Violations of the Anti-Kickback Statute;
  • Controlled substance offenses, prescription fraud or other crimes by health care practitioners;
  • Violations of federal Food and Drug Administration statutes; and
  • Myriad other state and federal crimes.

The firm's representation of health care professionals extends throughout the country in both state and federal courts and at both the trial and appellate level. In addition to criminal defense of health care clients, the firm represents health care clients in civil litigation and administrative proceedings.

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