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Alternative Dispute Resolution


Many business contracts call for the resolution of disputes outside of court. Our Alternative Dispute Resolution attorneys bring technical knowledge, creative resolution strategies, patience and honed listening skills to the Alternative Dispute Resolution process.

Alternatives to trial, including mediation, arbitration, mini-trials and summary jury trials can provide benefits to help clients meet their business goals. These benefits include a prompt result versus a prolonged one; a private result versus a public one; the avoidance of an adverse precedent; a predictable result often decided and crafted by the parties as opposed to an uncertain outcome decided by a judge or jury; and the opportunity to lessen tensions and strengthen business relationships in a controlled, forward-looking environment.

Our attorneys are skilled in dispute resolution processes which are aimed at achieving each client's business objectives. We are experienced in a wide array of dispute resolution procedures, including proceedings before the American Arbitration Association, Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services (JAMS) and many other tribunals. Our attorneys are trained in the art of negotiation and have extensive experience in advocating effectively for our clients in both mediation and arbitration proceedings. In fact, a number of our attorneys are certified mediators and arbitrators for a variety of dispute resolution organizations. This training, coupled with the experience of our Alternative Dispute Resolution attorneys, allows us to recognize the advantages and shortcomings of both the litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution processes in specific situations.



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