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Environmental Permitting


At Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP, our attorneys have assisted businesses, utilities and municipalities with all aspects of environmental permitting. We rely on our regional presence to provide clients with environmental permitting counsel across Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

Our focus is our client’s business needs and we work closely with our clients to develop a permitting strategy designed to achieve the client’s business goals. Our attorneys guide clients through each phase of the environmental permitting strategy, which includes identification of all the permits and approvals that are needed, development of the applications and supporting materials, responding to agency inquiries and securing acceptable permits and approvals. We coordinate with the client’s in-house team and technical consultants to make this happen.  We also stand ready to defend the permit against third party challenges, or if the permit contains conditions that are unacceptable, to pursue administrative and judicial appeals.

Our environmental permitting experience covers all program areas including:

  • Air permitting (PSD and Nonattainment NSR, Title V, FESOP and state minor source permits and registrations and modeling)
  • Wastewater discharge permitting for direct and indirect dischargers
  • Clean Water Act Section 404 permitting, stream construction permits and state water quality certifications
  • No discharge operational permits for agricultural operations
  • Hazardous and nonhazardous waste registrations and permits, including restricted waste and beneficial reuse approvals

We work regularly with state and local environmental permitting agencies and are knowledgeable of the roles of the different branches, divisions and personnel. We closely follow regulatory developments at the state and federal level so that we are familiar with current permitting issues and requirements. We often assist clients with rulemaking negotiations and policy development.



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