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Trust, Estate and Fiduciary Litigation


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP assists beneficiaries, executors, fiduciaries, guardians and trustees in the resolution of numerous estate, fiduciary and trust disputes, which often involve complex legal and tax issues.

The BGD Trust, Estate and Fiduciary Litigation team includes attorneys who work closely with clients on all aspects of complex trust and estate proceedings. Our firm’s extensive knowledge and experience support courtroom talent and ingenuity when dealing with sensitive and personal matters on behalf of clients.

Our attorneys have experience navigating court rules, practice protocols and procedures in disputes involving closely held businesses and companies, family partnerships, individual trustees, corporate fiduciaries, administrators, shareholders, and more.  

We have addressed claims involving breach of fiduciary duty, removal of fiduciaries, will and trust interpretation, trust construction and reformation, charitable gifts, prudent investor duties, attorney and fiduciary fee disputes, and related estate planning and trust preparation matters.

We represent institutional and individual trustees, personal representatives, guardians, beneficiaries and others in court, and also handle will and trust contests, including claims of improper execution, lack of testamentary capacity, fraud, undue influence, omitted spouses, and contesting beneficiaries.

We also prosecute claims for creditors against probate and trust estates and are experienced in attorney and accounting malpractice cases related to trust and estate administration and tax issues, including complicated generation skipping tax matters.

The BGD Trust, Estate and Fiduciary Litigation team approaches each case on a personal basis. Our team strives to optimize case outcomes through careful case assessment and precise planning; representation is driven by client needs and best interests and evaluated with the client’s goals in mind. We advise clients in a sensitive and cost-effective manner and ensure that the strategy prepared on behalf of the client is also the most effective and practical. We understand the impact of litigation on business relationships, family connections and business and personal productivity, which is why we also seek to resolve disputes through efficient settlements.


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