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Wealth Management and Family Law


Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP provides comprehensive legal services to individuals and families with diverse interests. Through individual, focused attention, we establish a relationship with you based on mutual understanding and long-term plans rather than quick-fix solutions.

Our clients include entrepreneurs, executives and high net worth individuals and families. In relationship disputes, with so much at stake both financially and emotionally, our attorneys help each client navigate the diverse issues that may be encountered and provide counsel to help clients meet their overall needs. We are dedicated to the satisfaction of your specified goals and work diligently to provide progressive and innovative legal support.

We recognize the importance of maintaining your financial assets to combat the lifestyle-threatening consequences of unanticipated, costly circumstances. Helping you achieve your goals is our highest priority. As we continuously work for you, we rely on your objectives as our guide in the creation of a path to individually tailored legal remedies.



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